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Hello! I'm Brittany. A LDR (long-distance relationship) survivor and gap-closer - I live with a boy now (oh my God). Writing is my passion, followed closely with learning about all things holistic.
I deal with an auto-immune disease called Raynaud's, adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, hormone imbalance, anxiety, depression, and multiple food allergies. Going the natural/holistic route has opened my mind and I can't learn enough about it.

I like small road trips (I'm a terrible traveler), red lipstick, and 'nice' cream. I'm obsessed with Criminal Minds and all creepy crawly murder stories (I have one degree in Criminal Justice [the other in Creative Writing] as a result). I miss Manhattan terribly. I get excited over small things like Candy Crush band-aids and a new Hanson song. If you like binge-watching Netflix, swearing, and drinking too much wine then I think you could be my new best friend.

So, welcome! I'm glad you're here.

You can find me online way too often here...

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