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Holy Shit, I'm Allergic to Gluten

You can't eat gluten anymore? Congratulations! Your life might suck right now. Detox, feeling isolated, and being the inconvenience at every dinner party. Brace yourself for the eye rolls and the dramatic, frustrated sighs - they're coming. This is a support book showing the side of going gluten-free that they don't tell you about.

"Excellent, relatable, and also had me laughing. 5 stars!!"


Fooled to Death
YA Mystery

Baylin Winters has killed her best friend. Six months later she begins getting threatening letters slipped under her door, and she assumes it is about the accident that took her friend's life and also part of her memory. But as two boys come into her life when the letters do, followed by a series of mysterious break-ins where seemingly random items of hers are stolen, she begins to wonder if she's been misinterpreting the letters all along. Baylin is blindsided with the discovery of the writer of the letters and soon finds out the threats of her death were a promise. It is a promise that is kept.

"This was a great book from the very first page, I didn't wanted to put it down. It is very original, the story line is splendid, the writing is done in such a sophisticated and detailed way that I really felt like I was IN the book and the twist in the plot keeps you on the edge till the very last word. Amazing book, definitely recommend it!"

"So enjoyed reading this book! Very interesting and original! Can't wait for the next book this author publishes! I assure you, you will LOVE it!"

"Amazing and super scary!"


The Killing Eyes
The Residents of Windmere House
Portal 579

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