Natural Ink: DIY Glitter Heels

Saturday, December 3, 2011

DIY Glitter Heels

We fancy over here at Almostbritain today!  Glitter galore is on the agenda!

The past few times I've been to Kohls I've seen the most beautiful glitter high heels.  For $60.  Sorry, Kohls, not gonna happen.

But I've been wanting glitter heels ever since I saw them and I believe they are quite the trend now (as they should be because they are so pretty) so I figured I'd just make my own.

So today I'm going to show you how to make your very own glitter heels for, seriously, so cheap.

You need four things: A pair of old heels (or new, inexpensive ones.  I got mine on clearance at Shoe Carnival), Mod Podge (found at any craft store), GLITTER (color of your choice!) and one of those foam brushes (mine was really big, so I just cut away the excess).

Let's glitter-fy!

1) Tape off the heel. This is optional, but I wanted to keep my heels black and the rest of the shoe glittery.

2) Mix some of Mod Podge and glitter together so the glitter is already mixed in with your 'glue.'

3) Paint on a medium-thick layer of the glitter glue.  Work in small sections so it doesn't dry!

4) Cover the section in glitter!  I put a lot of glitter on it and patted it down into the glue gently so it stuck better.  Then turn the shoe over and let the excess fall off onto your table/towel/etc. so it doesn't get all over the place when you go on to your next section.

 5)  Keep working in small sections until you've covered the entire shoe!

                                                                        Half done!

6) Do the other side and you're done!

Now your inner ferret is bouncing off the walls, right?  I know mine is!
They turned out so pretty!

It'll take a wear or two to shake all the excess off, I'm sure.  And a quick wipe on the inside will get the loose stuff in there out.
Also, I'm not sure about a sealer.  Anyone know?  I didn't do anything to it but have heard some people do a layer of mod podge and some use a varnish, both of which I have.  I'll wear them and see how the glitter wears before I dive into the sealer search!

I can't stop looking at them.  They're so shiny.  So pretty!


Beauty on a College budget said...

Oh My god! I must, must, MUST make a pair for myself! They are so pretty! Gahhh I love it!!!!!

Marija said...

Such a great step by step DIY! Have to try this myself. They're soooo pretty :)


Superficial Sanctuary said...

WOW those turned out great! I have an absurd frustration with glitter and its rub-off effect. I cannot STAND when glitter gets stuck on me anywhere, but damnit, I love these glitter heels!!

lrnshelby said...

Great idea! It might even be cute to just put glitter on the heel...maybe gold. OOo you have inspired me :) Love it!

21SaraLoves said...

ahh those look really gorgeous!

Funmilayo I. said...

what a great diy, I think I might try it :)