Natural Ink: Shiloh Battlefield.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shiloh Battlefield.

I like to start the New Year off by going on a day trip.
This year, it was the battlefield of Shiloh in Tennessee.


I can get onboard with History if I can actually see the stuff in person, like this.
Textbook History? No, thank you.

My pictures of the deer that left the tracks are all blurry because we chased after them
and I was trying not to fall in mud.

Shiloh Church built in 1851.
I have a thing for old churches.

My dad classily said, "Is that a fireplace? Good because it'd get cold up in this mofo."

One of five mass grave trenches.
We did the math and there should be around 300 or 400 bodies in each one.

Another mass trench grave, much larger than the other one.

Indian Mounds. 


As we were leaving, I had a frantic thought.
What had happened to all the horses that had died there?
My mom said they probably ate them,
and I was horrified by this.
I was actually really concerned.
(Don't ask why this worried me, and not the soldiers. I don't know why I am the way I am)
After I got home, my boyfriend and I looked it up and apparently they
burned most of the horses' bodies
but some were buried, usually close to their rider.
I'm just glad no one ate them.
I also think it's pretty cool that Ulysses S. Grant kept the horse he rode in the Civil War (Cincinnati) and 
brought it with him to the White House, and now they are buried close to each other.
Sounds like a cool guy to me.


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