Natural Ink: Vacation and Closing the Distance.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation and Closing the Distance.

Bonjour, cupcakes. I hope y'all are doing well. Where have I been (again)? Well, this time I was on vacation for a little over a week. (Mostly) sunny South Carolina was the stop again this year. We had an amazing beach house far away from the pier so there were hardly any people and it was more like a private beach. It was quite wonderful. Get your popcorn and take a gander at the photos.

(We're not tidy on vacation)

(View from the loft/master bedroom)


Beach storm our first day there. <3

An old wind vane.

The view from the deck.

Another storm.

Balcony on the marsh side.

Sunset with no filter of any kind. Yep.

A pod of dolphins were chasing a school of fish and a couple jumped.
Forgive my iPhone shots, there was no time to get the camera.

Every year my parents each find a shark's tooth and I've never found one until this year!

Found me a few fans.

Fed said fans.

Last year, I talked about how my friend Jennie from North Carolina came down and we got to meet in person for the first time after being online friends for several years. This year, she came again AND my friend Ariel (from the same online group) from New York took the train down to join us! 

We did very lovely, normal girlfriend things. We played board games, ate pizza, shopped, walked the beach, and rated surfers. We talk about all moving to the West coast and being roommates and I would really not mind this at all now that we've met and I know we get along well in person. Let's make that happen, ladies.

Ariel and her future husband.

Besties. Seriously. Don't know what I'd do without them!

Pretty much all Ariel does is take selfies.

We have that kind of relationship but not THAT kind of relationship.


Just about the best vacation to date!

- Britt

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Pandora`s Box said...

Seems like you girls had a lot of fun together. Stunning pics.