Natural Ink: Last Days of Summer

Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Days of Summer


I would say this summer was pretty great. We had Zoe and her step-sisters a couple of times a week and played in the pool and just had a lot of fun. Justin got in the pool quite a bit which was all Zoe wanted. As soon as he was in, she wanted him to pick her up and throw her in the deep end about 19 times in a row. He obliged for the most part and hearing her giggle was one of the highlights of my summer. That kid has the best laugh, I swear. 
Justin and I had a few small adventures, but no big vacation like I really needed and I'm sure he wanted, too. We're planning a beach trip in the fall when it's off season and there aren't quite as many sharks in the area. Hopefully that happens - we need it. Emmy has been such a handful and I'm practically a single 'parent' when it comes to her with Justin's work schedule, so at least a long weekend alone without her would be great. She's going to miss the girls when they go back to school - who knew she would end up being so great with kids - but if she ever gets comfortable in a car without having a dog panic attack, I can try to take her to some soccer games this fall. I think that would be fun for everyone.
Having Justin here for a summer was interesting. He helped out some with the girls and Zoe still maintains her massive crush on him. Once he's in the pool with her, no one else exists. She only wants to play with him. It was so cute. I'm glad we all got to make some memories together this summer.

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