Natural Ink: Snow Day

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day

We very rarely get snow here in Alabama. But when we do it's usually a State of Emergency. We don't have snow plows out here and no one salts the roads this far out in the country. So if it snows, we're kind of screwed. Yesterday we got about two and a half inches. I was so excited. I love snow.

If I lived somewhere that got snow frequently I'm sure I wouldn't love it this much, but here it's such a treat. Schools get closed, everyone's usually off work. It turns out to be a small snow-filled vacation.

Unfortunately for me, Justin's work decided not to close until 4 and the snow started at 1. He didn't get home until dark, so there went my 'Snow Day Selfies' plan. But Emmy and I had a blast. This was her first time ever seeing snow. Chick was so confused. She kept her paw up a lot (a self-calming position for dogs) the first few minutes and just looked at me like 'What the HELL is this!?' and ate the snow. But then she realized, Hey, this is fun! and we were off. We stayed out there for hours playing in the snow. If you've never played in the snow with a puppy, I highly recommend it.

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