Natural Ink: Book #2 - EDITING LIVE BLOG

Monday, December 26, 2011


So, I completed my second novel during NaNoWriMo.  I did a few live blogs during the writing process and felt they helped me a lot.  So, today I decided to do a live editing blog.  There's no word count goal, really, though I guess I could write how many words have been edited out of the whole thing.

I've never done anything like this during the editing process, so this should be interesting!


12:18 p.m. - Just getting started. Pandora is on and I have a bowl of popcorn sitting next to me! Let's do this!

12:50 p.m. - Goodness, the commas! THE COMMAS! This is why people started calling me the Comma Queen back in middle school.  Sheesh.

12:56 p.m. - There is an actual band called Starfucker, Pandora has just shown me. I don't think they're all that good, but they get points for their name.

1:04 p.m. My mom is currently my editor.  Did you know that?  We're both grammar freaks (there's an actual word for us but I forgot what it is!) except I never know where to put commas so I like to put them EVERYWHERE.  Luckily, my mom edits as she reads my drafts so I'm making her grammar corrections today and then the actual story edits will all be my own (of course).  She should just carry a red pen around with her, I swear. <3

1:18 p.m. Damn semi-colons. Seriously, why do they exist? Why can't we use commas or hyphens?  GRR.

1:36 p.m. - I want to go on a cross country Vespa trip!  That would be SO cool.

1:42 p.m. - OMIT COMMA. COMMA INSTEAD OF SEMI-COLON. I'm really just seeing this over and over again on the pages. Which is annoying, but at least that's the bulk of my grammar mistakes and there aren't loads of different things to fix.

1:56 p.m. Just got SO sleepy.  And I'm only on chapter seven. O_O

2:06 p.m. About to tackle chapter nine.  So far it's been easy and somewhat quick.  I figured the grammar edits wouldn't be bad.  What's going to take a while is me going back and changing the story and adding to it.  Which will be fun, just time consuming. :]

GRAMMAR EDITED: 13,487/53,410 words.

2:29 p.m. I showed my dad the Hobbit trailer and now he wants to watch all the LOTRs back to back.  He just popped the first one in.  It's so loud!  Might have to relocate to edit.  Or I might go take a bath.  My eyes are getting strained, okay??  I need a breakkkk.

2:34 p.m. Laid, layed, lied. WHICH DO I USE?? ARGH!  For real, need a break.

GRAMMAR EDITED: 22,285/53,410 words.

4:10 p.m. Took a bath and then got totally engrossed in Maureen Johnson's '13 Little Blue Envelopes.'  I started 'The Name of the Star' by her because it sounded super amazing but I couldn't get into it.  I don't know why, but I just couldn't get past the first 50 pages.  '13 Little Blue Envelopes', however is AMAZING!  Now, I should really get back to editing.

4:23 p.m. Because I'm sure you'll all wondering: 'Give Me a Sign' is one of my favorite Breaking Benjamin songs.

4:52 p.m. Looked up just in time to see Orc blood spurting in LOTR.  Peter Jackson totally should have gotten a hold of Twilight.  I bet so many people wouldn't hate it/make fun of it if he had.  He'd have made it so badass.

5:40 p.m. Pandora is hating me right now.  What the hell is this techno stuff that's playing on the One Republic station?

GRAMMAR EDITED: 38,316/53,412 words.

6:24 p.m. DONE! Grammar draft is done!  Tomorrow I will start at the beginning again and change the actual story a little.


taylor said...

LOL This was a really cool idea. It's funny, I have the same problems with commas ;) Way to get things done though, and stick to it!!

Dree said...

Haha, this is too funny. I am a comma queen too!

Anonymous said...

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