Natural Ink: CreaClip Hair Tutorial/Review.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

CreaClip Hair Tutorial/Review.

If you haven't heard of the CreaClip, don't feel bad.
I stumbled upon it when I was Googling how to cut layers into my own hair,
which is a BAD idea for me,
so I'm very glad I found the CreaClip.

What the CreaClip is, is this hair clip with a level that helps you cut your own hair,
complete with layers,
so you pretty much never have to go out and get your hair cut again
if you're a simple hair person like I am.

It looks like this:

So what you do is take the white one (the blue one is for short hair or bangs)
and clip it to your hair after you've flipped all your hair over.
You look at the level in the center and keep the bubble in the middle.
(Sorry the pics aren't better - my mom has no clue how to work an iPhone)

After you've pulled the clip to the length you want your hair, all that's left is to cut all your hair even with the clip!
Just make sure that bubble is in the middle of the level so you get
a straight cut!

It's SO easy and gives great layers all over, which is exactly what I was looking for!

Before and After the CreaClip:

Lovely layers in about two minutes flat.
So easy and so perfect for at-home cuts!

I'm a fan of the CreaClip for sure.
So glad I found it before I butchered my hair!


Raquel said...

Oh my I neeeeed to try this!! I've been wanting layers for so long now! Thanks for sharing!

Pandora`s Box said...

That was a brave thing you did there. This little clip can save on time and money. Love the result on your hair.

Tone-Lise said...

Great result:) Might have to try it myself:)
I love your blog so I'm now following it=)

Kat said...

Hi, I see you turn the clip upwards - smiling version when pulled to the front. What does your hair look like at the back? Is it a soft or rounded U shape? In the videos I've seen most do layers by turning it down - frowning - so I'd be interested to know (or see a picture!!) of what the back looks like in the way you've done it. Thanks.

Toni Keys said...

Wondering the same thing as Kat. I just ordered one. I see you cut your hair using the "U" "smiley" position of the clip instead of the upside down "frowny" position. Does this give the hair the U-shape in the back instead of the V-shape? I like the U shape more. Can't wait to try this thing.