Natural Ink: The Truth About Girls, From A Guy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Truth About Girls, From A Guy.

I was e-mailed this little survey type thing
that you're supposed to get a guy to answer.
It's basically a tag but the person that sent it doesn't have a blog.
It's various things about girls and whatnot,
from a guy's POV.

Enter, boyfriend.
I know, I haven't told any of y'all about him. Sorry!
I'm awaiting the e-mails and messages saying, "Facebook still says you're single! You're in so much trouble!"
So send away, it's okay.
I've been keeping him a secret for various reasons.
My parents didn't even know about him until, oh, two months into the relationship?
Hopefully the secret part won't have to stay so secret for too much longer.
Then I can actually tell you guys about him without any fear.
But he's amazing (like, seriously), and I want to keep him,
so he's officially making his debut on the blog.
Readers, boyfriend.
Boyfriend, readers.
We'll all have tea and gluten free cookies together someday, okay?


The Truth About Girls, From A Guy

Guys hate the following: True or False? (Explain)

Red lipstick: False. I love red lipstick on a woman. 
(Good news for me since it's my favorite.)

Girls making the first move: False. Guys are oblivious. Sometimes we don't pick up on your subtle hints. We need to just be smacked in the face with it sometimes. 

Girls paying for food/drinks: Personally? True. I find so much joy in paying for a girl's food or drink. I'm old school though.

A lot of makeup/Dramatic makeup: True. At least in my circle of friends. I like seeing a woman's face. Not caked on paste. 

The most attractive thing to a guy is confidence: False. Not everyone has confidence in themselves. And there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a girl needs to be shown how beautiful she is. Even if she doesn't see it in herself.
If you were cheated on, would you give the girl a second chance? It depends on how in love with her I am. But most likely, no.

The best emotion a girl can express towards you is: Love.

Romance is: Kissing. Holding. Touching. Showing love. Being in love. 
Love is: Love. When nothing can tear you apart. No one else matters. Your life is in this person. Your life IS this person.
When girls do/say stupid shit you get really annoyed.
You wish more girls knew  how most guys are absolute douchebags and how beautiful they actually are.
We know most guys like more modest clothes over super slutty ones, but what's something girls wear you just don't understand/don't like? This is a fashion question. Not all women have the same fashion sense, now do they? How can I say that I hate something that girls wear if they don't all wear it?
When you are with a girl, how do you want to feel? In love.


Get a feel for the amazingness yet?
I know.
But you can't have him.

I TAG all of you reading this.
Get your guy friend, boyfriend, fiance, husband, etc.,
to do this and leave the link so I can read!

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