Natural Ink: Surprise from New York and North Carolina.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Surprise from New York and North Carolina.

A couple weeks ago I was minding my own business, watching New Girl in my yoga pants when my mom came home from a 'meeting' and behind her walked in my two best friends, Ariel and Jennie. Surprise! Apparently her meeting was a cover for her to pick them up from the airport, and they had all been planning this surprise visit for two months.


I know.  Whirlwind of emotions later, my best friends stayed Friday-Tuesday at my house where we played Cards Against Humanity, talked a lot, made fun of Tinder and Craigslist guys, and got temporary tattoos.

How many people can say their best friends schemed up a visit, managed to keep it from me, and flew from New York and North Carolina just to hang out? They're amazing, amazing. If you guys didn't know, we all met online when we were like 17 on a forum for a band. We kept in touch after the forum ended, added each other on Facebook, kept talking and then we've slowly visited in person. They came to South Carolina 2 years ago when I was on vacation (first time meeting Ariel in person), and me and my friend Jennie flew to New York last October to stay with Ariel for a few days and visit NYC. It's a lovely little trio that I wouldn't have without the interweb. <3 Such a lucky girl to have such amazing friends!

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