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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Raising a More Natural Dog.

(Meatball in hand and I get any pose I want ;] )

I haven't spent the past several years ditching chemicals and bad ingredients in my life to start Emmy out on a bad commercial dog food. You've seen the ones, the ones with all kinds of grains, corn, animal by-products, etc. in them. That's just so disturbing to me. Some dog foods have the worst things in them yet the companies have no problem sending them out to be consumed by your best friend. I decided to try to keep Emmy as natural as possible, and I read her labels as closely as I read mine.
I mean, you can't deny her shiny coat and clear eyes after just 3 weeks of being here!

She's currently obsessed with the Kong Chicken Meatballs which is cool with me because all they are, are chicken, oats, rosemary, and a preservative.

I'm low on the jerky but she's in love with that. Also cool with me because it's just beef, brown sugar, salt, garlic powder, flavoring, ACV, paprika, celery powder, and a preservative. Literally might eat some myself. Okay, probably not. But I could which is my point of feeding her what I do.

The Blue Buffalo is a really good product, but I found her food ingredients to be better in the Wellness Core. Plus, it's cheaper than BB.

 She does love something on her kibble though and these Blue Buffalo Wilderness packs are about $1.50 each and I can get away using one pack on 2-3 meals. I would like to eventually switch her from these packs to something I cook up just to save some $$.

I've found that her food is pricey (a little cheaper online) but the treats are really reasonable - especially if you have a HomeGoods in your area. Hit them up! Their pet section is SO good and most of the treats have great ingredients - for like 60% off the usual price. The jerky was $2.99!
I got her shampoo there for like $5 and the ingredients are amazing and it has essential oils to naturally repel fleas and ticks. She smells like a tropical island right now. LOVE.

Now if we can just get this whole bonding thing kickstarted!


Meatball obsessed.

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