Natural Ink: The Greatest of 6 Year Olds.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Greatest of 6 Year Olds.

This past week was so. crazy. Last week of school meant award ceremonies, field days, field trips, it was Zoe's birthday on the 20th, we had family friends come in Thursday and left Saturday morning and then Saturday afternoon we hosted Zoe's birthday party and Sunday the 24th was mine and Justin's three year dating anniversary. Anyone else need a nap? We sure do. It's nice to be that busy sometimes (okay, maybe not that busy) because it changes my focus and shuts my overactive mind off some. Plus, her party was a big hit.
Emmy did pretty decent with all the strangers as long as I told everyone to not try to pet her and ignore her. Once everyone ignored her and no kids were trying to touch her (strangers coming at her make her panic still) then she plopped down under the table outside and took a nap and watched everyone quietly. In the house she was growling a lot, so we tried to keep her outside with everyone or I sat with her inside when no one else was in there. Major puppy victory, I think.
Yay for happiness - and for family/friends who seem to like Justin almost as much as I do and who have accepted him with no issues at all. Maybe one day the people in his life will do the same to me.

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