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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happiness from 3,000 Miles Away

Ideally, making someone happy from 3,000 miles away shouldn't be the easiest thing. But in my LDR I found myself the happiest I had been with a guy. I had been in very not-so-great relationships before I met Justin. But from the start, we just clicked. He told me things I needed to hear even when I didn't realize it. He supported me. He was nice. It was all new to me, being with someone nice and that gave a damn. The longer we went being far apart the harder some things got but it also made us stronger. We had to connect on a level where the physical side had to wait. Looking back, I'm really glad we had to. We learned so much about each other and talked and connected on levels that, when visits finally happened, just made the physical side effortless. We knew each other really well before meeting in person and nothing was awkward at all when we were finally together. Communication is, of course, important, but there were a lot of things he did that made (and still make) me happy, even when he was 3,000 miles away instead of, currently, in my kitchen.

He complimented me and not just on the way I looked. He complimented the way I thought, the way I did things, my sense of humor, how I would pull the car over to rescue a turtle, how I would get the neighbor's goat's head unstuck from the adjoining fence. Little things I never thought about and just did were suddenly brought to my attention in a good way. Things that I thought were normal or that most people would do, he would tell me I'm the only person he knows that would do them (which is kind of a bummer when it comes to rescuing the turtles) or that I was literally the kindest person he knew (also a bummer - why aren't people nicer?).

He sent surprises. Everyone likes presents, but when you're having a really, really shitty week and the doorbell rings and it's a dozen roses from your boyfriend 3,000 miles away who sent them just to cheer you up, well, you know you've met someone amazing. He never had to send anything. I never asked. I never expected anything, really. In his life, he doesn't celebrate much, so when he would send flowers or other things with no occasion it meant so much to me.

The distance didn't mean no happiness. It just meant a more creative happiness. Movie dates over the phone, dinner over Skype, sending pictures of things we came across during our day. There were tons of little things we did to stay connected. Being long distance is not a death sentence. It's just a way to think outside the box when it comes to your relationship. And I think we did pretty good considering how things have worked out. Did I mention he's in my kitchen right now? <3

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Happiness

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