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Friday, August 21, 2015

3 Places to Get the Best LDR Gifts

Sending and receiving gifts is always fun in an LDR. Gifts are ways to express your love and getting them in the mail is always lovely because you know your SO thought of you and picked something out just for you. Sending can sometimes be more fun than receiving (I said sometimes) so here are a few ideas to send gifts in your LDR.

Amazon - I mean, duh. Amazon has everything. You can order your honey anything they want/need. Books, jewelry, shirts, chocolate, dirty things (bow chicka bow ow). I mean, the list goes on and on. You can have stuff gift wrapped, too, for a little extra special-ness. These mugsare so cute I'm thinking of getting them now even though we've closed the gap. These keychainsare also really cute in case you have a guy, like I do, that isn't into jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, this necklaceis so, so cute you don't have to be in an LDR to get it for someone you love (to the moon and back).

Local places. Florists and food delivery places are amazing when it comes to LDRs. I tried once to order Justin soup while he was sick and have it delivered to his front door but his mom ended up being home that day so I couldn't since she, at the time, didn't know we were still seeing each other.  But Justin used my local florist a lot to send me flowers. It's way cheaper than sites like 1800 flowers, the flowers will be fresh on delivery, and you're supporting a local business. Definitely the way to go for flowers.
Food is always nice, too. Not so easy for me with all my allergies, but ordering your SO a pizza or some other takeout and having it delivered is such a sweet gesture.
Also, there are a lot of places now that have online grocery ordering and delivery. If your SO can't leave the house or is craving something particular, you could order them a bag of groceries, too - just make sure to read the fine print with those sites because some have a $49 minimum when ordering!  Zazzle is a bit like Amazon but almost everything can be personalized so you can have your own message or inside joke on a number of items.

A couple other ideas : and - both have such cute ideas!

Of course, homemade gifts are the most amazing. Once I made cards for different occasions and sent them to Justin. Things like when he was sad, thirsty, lonely, etc. had different things in them like a Starbucks gift card or a laminated 'kiss' of mine (which he still carries in his wallet). Just little notes that had a small gift inside. I sent them with a few other things so it was a bit of a care package. It went over really well. Letters are also one of the best things you can send in an LDR. Mixed CDs are also great.
Or you can use Milktape which adds songs to a USB drive shaped like a cassette tape. Cute, right?

Note to guys: send your girl a shirt or hoodie to wear/sleep in. Sleep in it a couple nights, toss it in a ziplock and then mail it. When your girlfriend gets it it'll smell like you and, trust me, she'll love wearing it/sleeping in it.

Staying connected with gifts and gestures is easy, I promise but adding in some creativity will make them even more special for your SO.

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Amazing Advice

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