Natural Ink: Tiny Table Makeover

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tiny Table Makeover

In moving preparation, I have a couple of pieces of furniture that need a little tweaking. First up was an old table I got years ago. When I got it, it was a gross, faded Barbie pink. I painted it blue and after a while got bored with that, so I painted it white because most of my furniture at the moment is white and simple. I gave it another look last week because the bottom was still blue and unfinished. I planned on just painting it all white but then had a mint idea. I really like how it turned out!


I really love the details on the top and wanted to make them 'pop' with some mint. 

First step was to tape off the sections - with Emmy's help, of course.

 I think I spent more time chasing Emmy around for "helping" than I did painting the table.

Finally, I got a couple of coats of the mint on.

 Next, I plugged up old handle holes (it didn't have one when I got it) on the door.

 Finally, I gave it a new handle

All done! I love how it turned out. The little pop of mint is lovely. We're thinking of putting glass on top so it's all even and we can use it as a coffee table.

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