Natural Ink: House Hunting Part Two

Saturday, October 10, 2015

House Hunting Part Two

Yesterday was another house viewing day. Last week we found one that we both really liked and it would've been all of a two minute walk with Emmy to a huge park with a dog park, a creek, and walking trails. We had a viewing scheduled but then the lady called and said someone had filled out an application, but she would let us know if that fell through. Well, we didn't hear from her again so I guess someone else got that house. 

So, it was back to checking Hotpads, Trulia, and Zillow daily trying to find something. It took four days before something popped up oddly. On Google, this house five minutes away came up and mentioned a pet fee but when I found the same house on Trulia and Zillow, it disappeared when I added the 'pets allowed' filter. I e-mailed and the Realtor told me that yes, pets were allowed. I quickly scheduled a tour and we went yesterday. I got a MUCH better vibe with this house than the other one we looked at a couple weeks ago. It's smaller than where we are now, but that's not a big deal since it'll just be the three of us. 

The yard is a GREAT size for Emmy, more than double what the other house had. And instead of overlooking someone else's backyard, this backyard is up against woods! I don't know that we would be allowed back there even though there's a gate that leads to them, but it's still a very nice view that I wouldn't mind at all. The bathrooms were also nice - two full ones. Two tubs! I mean. The other two bedrooms are pretty small, but again, it'll work for us right now. The master isn't huge and barely has a closet, but we can find some storage solutions at IKEA or something. Overall, I think we did like the inside of that other house better size-wise and that it had all hardwood floors - this one yesterday has carpet. Not ideal, especially with Emmy, but some area rugs will ease my mind there.

But, we did fill out applications and it turned out in the three weeks this house has been listed, we're the first to view it and apply for it so we have no competition right now. My income made the Realtor raise her eyebrows, me being the 'starving artist' type at the moment. But once she saw Justin's, she felt better. He has the income, I have the good credit. They should combine all of our stuff when they're doing the checks and whatnot. So, we should hear by Tuesday whether or not they'll move forward with us. I really hope we get this one. It's close by, the neighborhood is nice, we're not all sardines in a tin, and I think Emmy would really like it. 
We'll see what happens!

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