Natural Ink: It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas - Kind Of.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas - Kind Of.

Technically, this is Justin's first Christmas ever. When we were talking about how to decorate he suggested, "Some outside lights and we're good...right?" 
Bless his heart. 
I did keep things to a minimum this year though: outside lights, Derick the Polar Bear (who cannot keep his scarf on to save his life), some window decor, a wreath, tree with the weirdest fucking ornaments ever (we got a lot of freebies this year), two elves, candles, and some indoor lights.
We got a four foot tree and put it on the bar because I don't trust Emmy with a tree or ornaments or presents. Nothing basically. She's even ripped her stocking down twice so now that's not hanging constantly.
My dad came over to help us (ok, Justin) hang outside lights. I did my part. I drank wine and took pictures.

Literally the best four pictures of the day:

Back to work after we had a three foot light gap at the end that needed to be shifted over:


My favorite ornament is probably this anchor with two mice. What that has to do with Christmas, I'll never know.

 I don't know about this one, either...

Or this duck

Or a bugle

Yes, this is a mouse in a hammock...with a ukulele. 

Some dude with a gun...Merry Christmas?

Sheep on

Some of the weirdest fucking ornaments, I swear.

Merry Christmas!

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