Natural Ink: The First Fourth of July

Monday, July 6, 2015

The First Fourth of July

Fireworks are illegal in California, if you didn't know (I didn't) so when the Fourth of July came up, Justin was super excited to get really good fireworks - legally. He said even the illegal ones didn't do much off the ground. 
We went and got a good bit of fireworks a few days before the 4th - there are stands on every street corner here in Alabama - and let the anticipation of blowing shit up commence.

My uncle, aunt, and cousin from LA came into town so Justin also got to meet them. There's no real way to ease him into this family. We talk about everything pretty openly in this family and from what I understand, Justin's family was a bit more reserved. So when my grandma brought down penis shot glasses and my uncle was talking about BDSM, well, then it was a true family holiday. Justin handled it really well. It was a good day and the family members he met seemed to like him and vice versa. So we all swam and cooked out and drank too much, and then took a break for a few hours to gear up for the fireworks.
Sparklers are my favorite thing about the 4th, so we did those early and then when it was darker we busted out the goods and the lighters and let Justin have some fun.
There was a huge roman candle that he held and it shot off 144 times in a row. We had bottle rocket wars and shot off a lot of other stuff too. He had never experienced a lot of the stuff we got and he was like a kid in a candy store - so adorable.
It was just a good day and a good first 4th of July for him.
It was nice to watch the other neighbor's fireworks together and just enjoy the day together and with some great family members.

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