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Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Photography Adventure

Oddly enough, Justin and I have never been on a real date. Nope. Not one. Unless you count grocery shopping, but I don't. We just kind of fell into a routine at home doing daily things. There was never really a point to "date" when he got here. That doesn't mean date nights don't need to happen in the future, it's just something that hasn't really worked out yet with Emmy and his new work's schedule.
But I do think little adventures are just as fun and as important. I ran errands the other day and on my way home I passed a neighbor that recently got a small herd of horses. I hurried home, grabbed my camera and Justin and off we went to play a little.
There was a donkey in there that wanted to take Justin home. He came up to him once Justin held his hand out, smelled him and just hung out. A couple of the horses ignored us for the most part, but the Palomino (my favorite horse) came up to me (and Justin, once he left his donkey BFF) and let us pet him some. The lip up is my favorite horse expression, so I'm really glad I caught that.
I'm a little rusty with my camera. It's one hobby I've let slip since I got Emmy because I can't take her with me on little day trips because of her car phobia, and I can't leave her in her crate for very long. So I'm limited right now without a pup-sitter. But in the near future I hope to either get out more or be able to take her. I do miss the creative bug biting me.
And Justin really enjoyed it and wants to come along a lot more often. He's not a big picture taker, but he likes exploring as much as I do and likes being a part of things that I enjoy.
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It was nice (and creepy) being alone on a back road with horses (and horses that actually came up to us) and him, just exploring a little and taking pictures. A mid-afternoon mini adventure. Short and sweet and many more needed!

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Date Night

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