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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summertime So Far

 (The background is where it's about here, haha!)

It's nice having Justin here even though he hates the heat (but who doesn't?). It gets hotter than here in California but our humidity is amazing (not really) and we get heat advisories a lot because a 90 degree day can feel way over 100 easily - and you're sticky almost immediately when you leave the house because of the humidity. Don't bother with hair products here. Messy buns all Summer.
It's so cute to watch Justin and Zoe in the pool. She wants him to go to the deep end with her, play with her, throw her (like 30 times in a row) into the water like she's some kind of baby cheerleader. It's nice to see them get along so well. When she's here and he's at work she asks about him constantly and wants to know if she can draw him pictures or when he'll be back or what his favorite color is. So. Cute.

I finally got to go to Justin's work and hang out a little. It was jam packed when I went, no tables left so a lot of people were standing, and really loud because it's a fairly small place and there were a lot of people. I got to meet some of his bosses and coworkers and everyone was really nice. The next morning I woke up to FB requests from some of them. That was weird (in a good way) because when he lived in California, no one wanted anything to do with me. None of his "best friends" (that ended up basically shaming the relationship and never supporting us) ever added me on social media. His sister did (cannot wait to meet her) and then once he moved here some of his now old co-workers added me on a few sites. Not sure why they waited to add me until after Justin moved away.
But his work reuses a lot of local stuff, which I think is amazing. We had an old plant get torn down and this place took the old bricks from the building and built their bar out of them. A lot of wood in the store is either local, reused signs from other places, and I think the top of the bar was made by people in halfway houses who are trying to get back on the right track. I love when things have a story behind them like that.
It's also dog friendly, which is kind of rare around here. Most places will allow dogs outside at a table but never inside the store. Hopefully one day Emmy will be settled enough around the car and strangers and I can take her down there so I can drink and she can mingle.

This has been a pretty crazy Summer so far. Lots of pool parties, grilling out, and having friends over. Friends that haven't met Emmy, that is, so most of my 'party time' has been wrangling her and explaining that she's growling out of fear not aggression. It's so stressful and embarrassing to have a dog I can't seem to control. She barks/bays nonstop for minutes at a time and it gets on everyone's nerves since they're over to have fun and relax - not get barked at constantly by a dog who refuses to be quiet and listen. Beyond frustrating and I feel that no one really helps me with her when I need it in moments like that. Everyone ends up almost yelling at me and asking why I'm not doing anything - but I'm TRYING so damn hard and nothing seems to work. Didn't help that Justin worked during those crazy moments so I didn't really have any backup. It's just hard to handle her alone all the time. I feel like such a failure with her almost constantly. Does this get better?

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