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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Giants for a Day - Leafcutter Designs Review

When LDRBN sent some of us bloggers a Tiny Mail Sample Kit from Leafcutter Designs to review and play with, I wasn't sure what to expect. But holy cuteness! Justin and I felt like giants while we played with this kit. Everything is so adorable and unique! The post office wouldn't actually let you send something this small, but putting these in a bigger package or envelope to send to your SO - or even BFF - is a great idea. Cannot get over the cuteness, I swear. Justin and I aren't long distance anymore, but this will still be fun to write tiny notes and leave tiny envelopes around the house! I highly recommend checking out Leafcutter for this kit, tiny invitations, tiny packages and not tiny, but still equally cute things, like letters to your future self and a matchbox theater (I mean). Kudos, Leafcutter!

Justin was immediately in love with the pen because it's his favorite brand for drawing. He ended up doing a tiny version of a Paris picture he drew a couple of years ago and then gave me. Took him, like, five minutes and it's a tiny masterpiece.

This kit takes, like, no skill to put together. Pick a tiny piece of paper - there were two lined stacks and one blank - and write your message or draw a picture like Justin did on a blank piece. Everything is kind of pre-folded to make it easy to fold the paper and also to fold the tiny envelopes, which we had to tape. Slip in your message and you're done - time to decorate! There were a lot of cute stickers and two different kinds of stamps. It had snail stamps. SNAIL stamps! Possibilities are kind of endless with the envelopes. Your imagination comes into play with the packages, which was my favorite to do. Justin and I had different techniques and I think I like his better!
He didn't wrap the box but he used the tiny ink stamps like I did. One of his techniques was to rub the edges with ink and then bang the box on the table a bit to really give it that 'delivered' look. He nailed it! You can use twine, stamps, ink, stickers, etc., to decorate this to your heart's content. 

Definitely one of my favorite things was the tiny newspaper. It wasn't just random tiny print or symbols - it was full text! I mean, actual tiny horoscopes! Tiny stories! A tiny crossword puzzle! I got one of Zoe's teacups out to match it and we had tiny tea with our tiny papers.

I think it'll be a lot of fun for couples and friends to send each other stuff with this kit, but even more fun in person! I leave a note on Justin's supper since he usually gets home after I'm asleep, but now I can leave tiny notes! Or a tiny box on his pillow with something in it. In person or long distance, this kit will be so fun. 

Send someone a really cute gift and give the LeafCutter Designs Tiny Mail Kit a try, by using coupon code LDRVIP10 at checkout!

**Disclosure: I received this kit for free and this review is my honest opinion.

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