Natural Ink: 3 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Writer

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

3 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Writer

Being a writer can be hard. Staying motivated can be even harder. In my nine years of writing I've found a couple of things helpful to keep those juices flowing.

Watch a lot of movies/TV. They always tell writers to read a lot and while that is true it's also good to watch a lot. With movies and TV you get to see characters move, display emotions, get a sense of their surroundings. A great movie can inspire your own characters. A great TV show can help you with dialogue. Plus, this is a good excuse to Netflix binge a show - or five.

People watch. Have a seat at a local park or even a bus station and watch how people interact. Is the guy in the corner hiding his fourth donut behind yesterday's paper?  Is the couple holding hands looking a little too tense? You can imagine their lives, jot down ideas and just go for it. People watching never gets old - and it's free!

Watch music videos. Similar to watching movies or TV, I find music videos inspirational. They cram a story into a three and a half minute song. How cool is that? Watching these tiny plots can help you with your own short stories or maybe that TSwift video will give you an idea for a whole new novel - minus the breakup...maybe.

See? Easy! Every day things can help you stay motivated or help out with writer's block. Take your notebook with you the next time you have to take your niece to dance class and let that imagination flow baby, flow.

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