Natural Ink: Emmy Turns One!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Emmy Turns One!

It's been another week of leftovers and crock pot dishes, so Scrumptious Saturday would've been boring. But you know what's not boring? A dog birthday party. Sorry, PAWty.
Emmy was about 6 months old when we rescued her so we figured she was probably born around the end of September or the middle of October. We decided to go with the 15th of October and I threw together a little pawty in a couple of days. Oh, man, it was adorable.

Petco will really hook you up! Birthday attire, birthday kit, toys, etc., it was so easy to do. I found an easy dog birthday cake recipe online that I adapted a little since I keep her gluten and grain free - and chicken, bless her heart. Apparently Goldens are big on chicken allergies? Guess that half of her won out. I'm sure the Beagle in her that should have a more 'tin can stomach' is pissed. Anywho. The cake was beef, zucchini, an egg, some parm and turmeric. 'Frosting' was regular potatoes and sweet potatoes. Topping was bacon. I know.

Koda, the neighborhood tramp basically lives with us during the day and goes home at night, so we had him for the morning pawty before Justin went to work and then we had another pawty after my dad got home and my grandma's dog could come down after getting groomed. That way everyone got cake and got to see the adorable-ness that is a puppy opening presents. Probably the equivalent of a baby smashing its own face in that tiny cake you get them for their first birthday so they don't ruin the big cake for everyone. Hilarity.
Enjoy the pawty!


Bacon skull. Oh yes.

Koda has arrived!

Not a huge fan of the hats.

What birthday girl doesn't take others' cake?

Honestly, I didn't even mean to match dress to wrapping paper. But major score!

Pawty. I die.

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